How much does IVF Cost ?

For couples facing fertility challenges, In-vitro fertilization (IVF) has become a widely sought-after assisted reproductive technology. While IVF treatment offers hope and the possibility of starting or expanding a family, it is essential to consider the financial aspects associated with this procedure. In this blog post on how much does IVF cost, we will delve into the various factors that contribute to the IVF treatment cost, helping you gain a better understanding of what to expect.

Factors that impact the IVF cost?

Below are the factors that impact the IVF cost. 

Initial Consultation and Diagnostic Tests:

The first step in the IVF process is an initial consultation with a fertility specialist. During this visit, your doctor will assess your medical history, perform diagnostic tests, and create a personalized treatment plan. The cost of the initial consultation and tests will vary depending on the clinic and the specific tests required.


In IVF, patients need to take hormonal injections for the period of 10-12 days, those are painless injections, which are given from Day 2/Day 3 of menses on a daily basis to stimulate the follicular growth in the ovary. This is called ovarian stimulation. Kindly note the quality of injections might have an impact on your results.

Monitoring & Ultrasound

During this 10—12 days of ovarian stimulation, your fertility specialist will do 4-5 times of scans to monitor the growth of the follicles and to determine the dosage of injection, this is called ovarian stimulation monitoring.  Kindly note, this monitoring is the backbone of IVF treatment, this will have an impact on your final result. 

Egg Retrieval:

After 10-12 days of injections, whenever your follicles are ready, your doctor will plan trigger injection for the maturation of the eggs. After 34-36 hours of trigger injection, your doctor will plan egg collection surgery. This surgical procedure for retrieving eggs is a critical step in the IVF process. 

It involves anesthesia, specialized equipment, and the expertise of a fertility specialist. The cost of egg retrieval can vary depending on the clinic, IVF lab infrastructure & the quality of consumable used and the expertise of the embryologist.

Sperm Collection and Preparation:

Your husband’s sperm will be collected and will be prepared for IVF/ICSI.

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Embryo Development and Culture:

After egg retrieval, the eggs are fertilized in an IVF laboratory, and the resulting embryos undergo culture and development for 3-5 days in the incubator. This step is very important. The cost of IVF package will vary from clinic to clinic. It depends on if the clinic has high end IVF lab infra-structure or high end incubators or highly qualified full time embryologist.

Embryo Transfer:

The final step of IVF is the transfer of embryos into the uterus. This procedure requires the expertise of a fertility specialist and embryologist. It often involves ultrasound guidance. The cost of embryo transfer can vary depending on the IVF lab infrastructure.

Cryopreservation and Storage:

In cases where not all embryos are transferred immediately, couples may choose to freeze and store the remaining embryos for future use. Cryopreservation fees typically cover the initial freezing, storage.

Additional Services that impacts IVF Cost:

Depending on your clinical condition, additional services may be required, such as genetic testing (PGS/PGD), Microfluidics or TESA. These services incur additional costs and should be discussed with your fertility specialist.

IVF cost – Origin Fertility Center

At Origin Fertility Center, we try to limit the number of procedures a couple might need to undergo to conceive. Our expert team of fertility specialist and embryologist, state of the art IVF lab infrastructure with world-class equipment, advance technologies, the quality control of IVF lab, the high end media & consumables used to handle your eggs & sperms comes together to give each couple the best chance of IVF success. 

Typically, at Origin Fertility, our IVF cost starts from a range of Rs 70,000 – Rs 85,000. We concentrate on quality not on quantity. 

The cost of IVF can vary significantly depending on various factors including expertise of fertility specialist, embryologist, and the availability of full time embryologist, IVF lab infrastructure, quality & control of IVF lab, clinic reputation, individual treatment plans, and any additional services required. 

It is crucial to have open and transparent discussions with your financial counselor about the anticipated costs, insurance coverage, and available financing options. 

Remember, the cost of IVF should be viewed as an investment in the potential of building a family, and with careful planning and consideration, it is possible to navigate the financial aspects of this transformative journey.

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How much does IVF Cost ?

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